The Essential Baking Company Garlic Bread, Take & Bake 16 Oz

Handcrafted. No preservative. A sourdough loaf that is already loaded with a garlic parmesan herb spread. For a quick and delicious side to any meal, follow the baking instruction until golden brown. Pantry essential, lasts for months. Natural, slow fermentation. Hand-formed, hearth-baked. Essential FreshSeal: Since 1994, we went from selling fresh loaves at local farmers’ markets to becoming Seattle’s largest organic artisan bakery. Today, we continue using time-honored techniques, and have found a way to partially bake and package our bread so that you can finish baking it in minutes at home. The secret is our Essential FreshSeal packaging which gives our organic artisan bread its locked-in freshness. You can enjoy the highest quality bread without freezing or preservatives. Unopened, this loaf will stay fresh for months. Member, Bread Baker's Guild of America.