Klondike Frozen Dairy Dessert Shake Wind Down & Chocolate, 4.7 Fl Oz, 6 Ct

Calling all milkshake lovers! Klondike Wind Down & Chocolate Shake is a deliciously creamy frozen dairy dessert that comes in a hand held pouch for a new and unique way to enjoy an indulgent shake. The convenient, mess-free packaging with a built-in spout is perfect for enjoying at home or sipping on the go -no straw, cup or blender needed. Enjoy this frozen dessert anytime, anywhere! Shakes are squeezable and ready to enjoy 3-5 minutes after being taken out of the freezer. Once ready, just twist the easy to open cap and slurp away. One box contains six shake pouches, so you can share and enjoy with friends and family. Great for those moments when you just need to sit back, chill out, and treat yourself to an indulgent and creamy frozen treat. What Would You Do for a Klondike shake? Do the chicken dance, lip sync the Klondike jingle with friends, or just make that epic journey across the house to the freezer. Klondike Shakes are the perfect reward for doing that thing you just did. You can enjoy Klondike Wind Down & Chocolate Shake as a treat or as a frozen dairy dessert snack to help you relax, anytime and anywhere, without needing a spoon or bowl. This milkshake is Kosher Certified. Don't forget to try our other Klondike frozen treat formats such as ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, mini ice cream bars, Choco Tacos, or our new cones. Our treats are made with high-quality ingredients, no artificial growth hormones, and come in a variety of flavors.