Smucker's Bites, Turkey & Colby Jack, Twin Pack 3 Ea

Time is precious, so why spend it making a sandwich? Whether you're packing lunch or snacks for school, daycare, camp or any other outing, Uncrustables Thaw & Eat Bites make it easy to make your kids' day — with no prep and no mess. Just take some out of the freezer in the morning, pack 'em with an ice pack, and they'll be thawed and ready to eat by lunchtime. You can also skip packing utensils (or a ton of extra napkins) because Uncrustables Thaw & Eat Bites are easy for kids to eat without making a mess. Talk about perfect for the lunchbox. Just as important, kids love the way Uncrustables Turkey & Colby Jack Bites taste. (We asked them!) They're made with natural turkey (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients) and other quality ingredients, and every serving contains 9 grams of protein. So go ahead! Save time and make your kids happy. Stock up now!