Tchibo Dark Roast Ground Rostmeister Coffee 12 Oz

Aroma protect. Fresher by design. Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Introducing Tchibo Rost Frisch: Tchibo coffee, from Europe's No. 1 coffeehouse, is now available in America. For over 70 years, we have crafted exquisite, aromatic coffees for you to enjoy fresh at home. Our 100% Arabica beans are sustainably sourced from the world's richest coffee-growing regions. We carefully roast the beans in Tchibo's legendary tradition to bring out over 800 different aromas. Then, all this flavor and freshness is sealed in at the exact moment of peak intensity. Fresher by design: Tchibo is passionately committed to fresh coffee. Every single step in our process is dedicated to deliver the freshest coffee experience from bean to cup: Sourcing: We follow the sun around the world, back and forth across the equator, selecting only 100% Arabica beans from the finest coffee-growing regions at their ideal ripeness. Roasting: Tchibo master roasters single roast the beans to a perfect finish allowing their unique taste characters and aromas to fully develop. Sealing: At the exact moment when their flavors are most vibrant and intense, our beans are sealed to lock in over 800 different aromas - and lock out oxygen. Protecting: We engineer our packaging to protect the subtle aromas and taste of our exquisitely crafted coffees. The full freshness journey on: Discover our exquisite varieties: Morning Blend: A gentle, refined coffee. Lightly roasted, with harmonic aromas and delicate hints of chocolate. Intensity: 2. Colombia Origin: A bright, aromatic coffee. Smooth medium roasted, with fresh, vibrant aromas and subtle fruity flavor. Intensity: 3. Classic Blend: A powerful, bold coffee. Medium roasted, with rich aromas of red berries and dried fruits. Intensity: 4. Rostmeister: Our deep, intense coffee. Dark-roasted, strong aroma and exquisite bittersweet chocolate flavor. Intensity: 6. Rainforest Alliance Certified: Tchibo is committed to the highest standards of sustainability. That's why our coffee is produced on 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. Roasted and packed in EU.