Hu Grain Free Sea Salt Crackers 4.25 Oz

No refined starches. Plant-based. No greasy fingers. Just say no to crappy crackers: Raise your left hand if you grew up loving crackers. Put it down - people are staring at you. We feasted on a lot of crappy crackers as kids. Who even knows what was in that stuff? We've moved on from those products, but we still crave that savory crunch. When we opened our paleo-inspired Hu Kitchen restaurant in 2012, we demanded both great taste and simple ingredients. So, we launched small-batch crackers in our restaurant that were flavorful and grain-free. They were an instant hit. Now they are available for everyone everywhere to enjoy. Because who wants to feel like junk after eating crackers? We're guessing you're not raising your hand now. - Jordan & Jessica. Sibling CO-Founders. We obsessively vet every ingredient to unite unbeatable taste with unmatched ingredient simplicity.