Cholula Original Medium Salsa 12 Oz

From tortilla chips to tacos, Cholula® Original Salsa is the perfect dip or topper to add that balance of flavor and heat that makes every dish delicioso! Like our Original Hot Sauce, this salsa offers medium heat that’s ideal for family dinners, Taco Tuesdays, brunch and dinner parties. For mouth-watering, authentic Mexican flavor, reach for our salsa- it’s the one with the distinctive wooden cap. Cholula Original Salsa is made with a unique blend of fresh tomatoes, arbol peppers, dehydrated garlic, onions and our signature spices. Serve with Mexican food favorites like nachos, enchiladas and tostadas. Or, spice up your morning with the salsa on scrambled eggs, frittatas or a breakfast burrito. It’s also an easy way to add flavor to chicken, pork, ground beef, fish, chili or rice and beans.